Top Ways to Get Out and About This Spring

The Best Get-Out-Of-Your-Seat Activities to Make the Best of Spring

The sun is back, cold weather is hibernating and summer is just on the horizon. While it always seems like fun to wasted the time away inside, it is always best to spend this time outdoors while experiencing the greatness of nature. Here are the top four sports to play this spring and summer.

1. Inner-Tube Water Polo
Most people are too weak to play the rigorous sport of water polo, but for those looking for an activity to do while staying cool in the water, inner-tube water polo is the best choice. Just like real water polo, the objective is to get the ball into the goal, but for those without cages, just set the ends of the pool as goals and have players hold the ball against the wall in order to score. This sport is guaranteed fun, and nothing is better than being in the water on a warm spring or summer day.

2. Mini-golf
The golf season is in full swing, and for those unable to drive the ball 300 feet, mini-golf provides a great alternative that is great fun. No drivers are needed as the objective is to putt the ball into the hole, while avoiding different obstacles along the way. Golfland in Sunnyvale is always a good bet, as its two courses each provide golfers with intense challenges to face. Prices are $7.99 for 18 holes and $10.99 for all 36. No clubs needed as they’ll provide the clubs, balls, scorecards as well as the fun.

3. Basketball
Contrary to what the NBA and NCAA think, basketball was meant to be played under the sun in either spring or summer, and nothing is more competitive than a pickup basketball game. Head to the high school or any playground that has a hoop and be prepared for the quick-paced, bruising style of streetball. Playing three-on-three is ideal, but a game of five-on-five brings the same level of competition. Bring friends or meet some new ones at the court; just be prepared to call your own fouls and be taken to the hoop.

4. Ultimate Frisbee
There is nothing like running the distance of a football field to try to catch a flying object, only to be knocked to the ground as defenders close in. Whether it be just throwing a Frisbee around or playing a full-scale game of Ultimate, Frisbee discs are the key to wasting the time away on a summer or spring afternoon. Come prepared with running shoes and headbands, as the games can get intense, and they tend to heat up as the sun does. All that is needed to experience the fun is a cheap rubber disc, all that will be provided is hours of never-ending fun.