Three-On-Three Basketball Continues, RAM Shows Promise

The three-on-three basketball teams took to the court today, February 29 to continue their hopes for the championship on the second day of LAHS’s annual tournament.

The day’s match ups included games between GSK and Team Dendrosaspis Polylepis, Mixteam and Oh My Bosh, The Mob and Kiwi and the Pineapples and RAM and The Weather Up There.

After hard-fought battles, including one overtime victory, The Mob, Team Dendroaspis Polylepis, and Oh My Bosh advanced to the semifinals.

The biggest news, however, came in the form of the up-and-coming freshman team, RAM. After upsetting an all-staff team that included teachers Bob McFarlane and Kiernan Raffo, RAM went up against the all-senior team The Weather Up There. Despite serious height disadvantages, RAM members freshmen Danny Rosenbaum, Matt Schonher, Patrick McColl and Rebecca Andrews found a way to the semifinals through teamwork and clutch shooting.

“It’s really fun because lots of people can just get out and have fun and play,” Patrick said.

The tournament will continue tomorrow, when teams will match up in the semifinals to compete for a spot in the championship game.