Thirty More Parking Spaces Now Available Behind School

New diagonal parking lanes have been installed at the back of the school on Jardin Drive, replacing the vertical parking and biking lanes. There are now over 80 parking spaces available compared to the 50 spaces previously available (by parallel parking).

Starting Thursday, January 6, the parking lot at the front of the school will not be open to temporary parking permit holders until the solar panel construction is completed. Superintendent Barry Groves worked with the school and the city to help obtain the extra parking spaces at the back of the school for juniors with permits during the construction phase.

To make room for the new parking spaces, the bike lane has been temporarily eliminated and will be restored by April.

The new parking spaces will help compensate for the lost spaces due to the construction project, but there will not be enough spaces for everyone with temporary permits.

Students lament the loss of easy access to their cars, but are glad for the parking spaces during the construction process.

“It’s a bigger hassle in terms of getting to class and ease of access to your car,” junior Carolyn Lau said. “At the same time though, it’s alright because of all the construction going on. It’s a lot better that they put in the extra diagonal spaces; it’ll definitely help a lot.”

The parking lanes at the back of the school are only temporary and will be gone when the construction project is completed.