Things You Should Be Doing- Watching ‘The Walking Dead’

“The Walking Dead”, on AMC, has brought zombie science fiction to an entirely new level. The difference between this and any other zombie show lies in the reality of it all. “The Walking Dead” is far more realistic than any other zombie depiction such as the humorous “Zombieland” or the scary “Night of the Living Dead”. While  a zombie apocalypse is not realistic in itself, “The Walking Dead” would be a pretty accurate representation of the world if such a situation were to emerge. The show does not focus on horror or humor in the slaying of zombies, but on how a group of people comes together and survives in an apocalyptic environment. It is much more a show of survival and drama than it is of horror.

“The Walking Dead” centers around a group of people that come together at a camp to protect themselves from surrounding zombies or walkers. Eventually the group makes it to a farm that they tend to in order to survive until they are forced to take to the road again. As Season 3 concluded Sunday, March 31, at 6 p.m., the group resided in what used to be a prison. The tall gates and secure facilities serve to keep the walkers out. Throughout the experience, the group must locate supplies such as weapons, gasoline, food, clothes and more. They struggle to keep on as the loss of friends and hardships of life weigh down on them. Currently in the series, their troubles lie with an opposing group of live humans more so than with the actual walkers.

The series manifests the inner change in people when death is frequent, always edging closer. For some, all trust in other humans is lost. Others simply go crazy after being repeatedly tested by cruel hardships. Each show displays the gradual regression of the characters to a near animalistic mental state. Often times those that cling to morality are the most at risk of death by bullet or bite. Love and relationships are what keep the characters going.

The show has a thrilling and well done storyline and is completed with all around terrific acting. Finish your homework early on Sunday so that you can go onto AMC Network at 6 and experience a show that will bring you eagerly back to your couch.