‘Therapy’ Store Not Just for Crazies

Therapy. Not the kind where you sit in a chair and talk for an hour, but the kind where you come home to a new wardrobe and laugh until it hurts. This relatively new store in downtown Mountain View has all the necessities. From clothing to furniture to books, right down to a journal that keeps track of important bodily functions, Therapy has you covered.

Of 6 locations around the Bay Area, this Therapy, operating Sunday to Thursday 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and Friday to Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., is cleverly and successfully set to attract an eager shopper. There is upbeat music playing in the background that makes one want to break it down right in the middle of an aisle.

Almost everything decorating the store is for sale, from Thanksgiving themed lights to vintage metal designs. The creative and colorful façade reflects the items available for purchase.

The clothing is a wide selection of hip and trendy clothes organized by color and style. Unfortunately, the male clothing section of Therapy is smaller than the female’s, and the style does not appeal as much to high school boys as it does to girls. The guys’ clothing is more of the trendy sweater and fedora look—a bit cheesy.

The price of the clothes varies from cheap to expensive, and luckily there is always a sale section where one can find relatively reduced prices on various items.

Therapy is unique for another reason. The store has a variety of knick-knacks perfect for gifts, whether it be the funny sarcastic satire section or salt-and-pepper dolls. One would be amazed at the mass amounts of creativity pumped into this one store.

The employees are very helpful and eager to provide assistance. They are always updated on new trends and have a keen fashion sense so they can always help you coordinate outfits.

Overall, Therapy has an awesome ambiance, diverse and trendy clothes and cute and funny gifts. Just remember to remind the slightly oblivious workers to remove the sensormatic.