The Workshop Burger Bar and Grill: A Review

When walking in downtown Mountain View on Castro Street with friends for the past couple of years, there has been a missing sparkle that would complete the magic behind the shops and restaurants that make Castro famous. The Workshop is coming downtown to offer its patty and bun combinations to the long-waiting burger lovers of Mountain View.

From the guys who started The Workshop on University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, the new location in Mountain View will bring the same style of burgers bar and grill that has been highly successful for the past few years.
The soon-to-be Workshop in downtown Mountain View is expected to be very similar to the original place in Palo Alto.
One of the first things people can notice upon entering The Workshop is the spacious and open environment and the different options of where to sit. So whether one is on a date, eating out with friends, or grabbing a quick bite to eat The Workshop offers a variety of seating options that accommodate their occasion.

The Workshop has a friendly crew that attends to its customers quickly and efficiently. The employees take notice of new customers and approach them courteously. The place has a variety of televisions spread out on different sides of the shop for its sports-loving fans. The atmosphere inside the restaurant brings a fresh and modern look that makes its customers glance at the different posters and the art that is spread throughout the diner. The combination of both the art and music keeps the place fun, outgoing and fresh.

I had a chance to try three different courses at the University Avenue location: Turkey Sliders, The Cowboy Burger and The Chicken BLT, along with several orders of regular fries and sweet potato fried and one of their selected milkshakes to wash it all down.
The Turkey Sliders were exactly what they were intended to be: small bites of big flavor while fun to eat with an order of fries on the side.
The Chicken BLT was cooked perfectly just as I ordered: satisfying flavor on every bite of the thick and juicy piece of chicken.

Although I would like to say The Cowboy Burger was the best of them all, it was not. Yes, the burger had flavor and all the right components one looks for in a burger, but its big name did not live up to its expectations, leaving me questioning about the bites that I had. The burger was missing something, but I could not figure out what it was. The sweet potato fries made me forget about the lackluster burger, however, by delivering an unbelievably fresh and unique taste similar to those homemade fries that are cooked to perfection.

In order for The Workshop to become a well-known and loved legitimate burger place, it must fix the little things the restaurant misses, which can help the it transition from being good restaurant to being a great one. Things like asking how well-cooked a customer would like his or her burger, offering a selection of desserts or a list of special combos, are little characteristics the place is missing that can make it a better restaurant.
The Workshop will become a hit as it finds a new home in downtown Mountain View. The Castro area is missing an authentic burger place, and The Workshop will bring a new flavor to the area by attracting different customers with its unique establishment and creativity, while offering burger combos under $10. So if people happen to be downtown craving a juicy burger in hand, they should make sure to stop by The Workshop and get a bite. This could be one of the new beloved places in the downtown area coming soon to feed the public.