The Senior Prom Nightmare: a Girl’s Perspective

Prom. The night that defines your high school experience. The night you’ve anticipated since elementary school. The night you’ll remember forever and tell your own children about. And now, this night is approaching fast.

You’ve dreamed of dressing up in your princess gown and dancing till midnight with your prince charming. News flash: These idealistic prom dreams only come true in movies.

However, the entertainment business was right in one respect. Prom season for girls is about as horrifying as the movie “Prom Night.”
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Prom itself is unforgettable besides the few wardrobe malfunctions, lack of deoderant on date and dud DJs, but Prom season is the terrifying part.

Guys have it easy—they may not even think about Prom until two weeks before the big night. But for girls, Prom season and Prom drama (Prama), starts five months before the date. Extreme-promming can even start junior year; that’s a year dedicated to planning this one night.

One of the most stressful aspects of Prom is scrambling to find a prince charming to take you. For a girl, college applications have nothing on finding a Prom date. For those of you who don’t have a high school sweetheart, don’t waste your time waiting for Chad Michael Murray to ask you. To be honest, finding a guy that satisfies our checklist is impossible. In fact, for us Prama queens it may be better to go with someone you know you have control over.

The worst part is having your Facebook cluttered with pictures of floor-length gowns and girls commenting, “Mine, don’t steal.” My apologies to people wasting tears over a dress mess. For you girls posting 10 dresses on the Facebook group of what you’re “thinking about” wearing, please stop hogging all the good dresses on the market.

But does the angst end with dress and date secured? Nope. Next comes the drama with limos and parties. This Prama is inevitable when there is a limited amount of space in limos and an unlimited amount of friends. My advice is to force those awkward guys to ghost ride the limo.
But, in the end, this Prama is what you will be laughing about in five years. Like when you told your friend she looked bad in orange so you could snatch the last orange dress at Bloomie’s. No matter what struggles are faced in planning prom, the night will always prove to be unforgettable.