The Latino Student Union: behind-the-scenes at events


Grace Gutierrez

The Latino Student Union holds a banner at a parade in Downtown Los Altos.

Latino Student Union hosts a lot of events throughout the year — the Día de los Muertos dance and the LSU World Cup are some examples. LSU is currently planning a lot for the rest of the school year, including a Cinco de Mayo event. 

Dances and events are some of the most significant things that the Latino Student Union (LSU) does. Behind the scenes, LSU does a lot of work to make sure events go smoothly — planning out logistics, pitching ideas and asking questions.

“Event planning can be stressful at times, but it’s a great way to collaborate with officers and to bond,” LSU activities commissioner junior Leslie Cesareo said. 

Often, the club runs into roadblocks and close calls. LSU Co-Vice President and Co-Choreographer senior Dommy Hernandez Beltran recalled last year’s Diversity Assembly performance, where the club started practicing late and didn’t feel confident; the club was proud of their performance nonetheless. 

“On the day of the performance, everyone was pretty happy with how it ended up,” Dommy said.

Some of LSU’s most successful and memorable events and performances, however, take a lot of work. Many have months of planning and logistics work behind them. 

“Our first performance this year was when we came back on Hispanic heritage month,” Dommy said. “For our Hispanic Heritage Month dance this year, I gathered dancers towards the end of the summer to start practicing. I am pretty proud of them for actually taking time out of their summer break to come to school and practice dancing so we could prepare for the performance.”

The club encourages all people to come and enjoy their events throughout the year. 

“The club is not just for Latinos, It’s also for everyone because we want everyone to learn about our culture because we are proud of it,” LSU President and senior Karelle Bautista-Gatica said. 

“If you want to find a place, like a community, then you can come in, it doesn’t matter who you are,” Karelle said.

LSU invites anybody to attend their meetings. They meet every other Wednesday at lunch in room 409. You can check their Instagram @lahs.lsu where they post their meeting times and future events.