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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

The Talon

The idiot’s guide to getting a date

Many males feel that getting a date is like something out of a National Geographic video about predator-prey relationships. The male may hide in the grass and creep up on an attractive female, but she will always prance away like a gazelle. Here are some mistakes that adolescent males make and a few tips, too.

The Mistakes

In some perverted romantic comedies, the handsome male drops a clever–albeit cheesy– line and the even more gorgeous female giggles and then hops in bed with him. What most guys forget is that this is a romantic comedy, and pick-up lines almost never work on any self-respecting girl. If you have to think more than ten seconds about something cute to say, it probably sucks.

Another classic blunder of the male adolescent is playing the “nice guy.” Nice guys are good for picking up the rebound off of a real jerk. But in reality, girls for the most part are not looking for a moodle (man-poodle). The “nice guy” mistake does not warrant being a scumbag, however. The “douchebag” mistake still exists, which is displayed on every episode of the MTV show, “Jersey Shore.”

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But by far the worst thing that a guy can do or say is nothing. From an outward appearance, a guy may appear calm and collected, but inside he is just a little puppy, figuring out how to be a bona fide bad dog. Girls don’t want their time wasted by a drooling fool. While you’re acting like a coma patient, she could be out buying a new pair of shoes.

The Tips

The classic tip that males give to other males is to “be yourself.” Unfortunately, this corny little male hallmark gem of advice is about as helpful as natural male enhancement. The best advice is to be confident even if you truly are as meek and nervous as a caffeine-crazed cat. Being confident and holding an air of control and power is the most effective thing a guy can do when talking to a girl. If a guy is sure of himself and seems comfortable, the chances are that the girl is also comfortable, setting the stage for an engaging conversation. Women are attracted to this sort of bravado, and it does not require once-daily pills.

If there is one thing that any guy can do is make the opposite sex laugh. Chicks love it when guys are goofy and weird. They appreciate strangely hilarious guys just as much as the buff meatheads they usually talk to. Better to be an interesting loser than a bland beefcake.

However, the almost sure-fire way to get the girl is to give her attention. This ranges from telling her “you look really nice tonight” to “I love it when you smile.” It is obvious when a chick puts time into her appearance. When a guy picks up on that fact, a sweet, little compliment goes a long way.

Final Word

In the case of total rejection, every guy must remember it was never meant to be. Fear of rejection is weakness, and there is someone out there for every dude that walks the earth.

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