'The Great Leap' Strives to Break World Record

Participants of the Mountain View High School (MVHS) Senior Class’ fundraising event, “The Great Leap,” attempted to break a world record in simultaneous leapfrog today, April 3.

Although organizers aimed to attract over 1,600 people to the event, volunteers were not able to estimate the total attendance. However, the Senior Class hopes to send in a full report to Guiness to land MVHS a potential spot in the book.

For $1, participants were given a complementary shirt and were assigned to specific sectors, where they played leapfrog with a partner. Grids, stretching almost end to end, were imprinted on the soccer field. Organizers were located at every few sectors to offer assistance to those lost in the immense crowd.

“The confines were tight, but it was still a hilarious experience,” sophomore Cameron Putnam said. “Just watching 1,000 or so people try to play a choreographed version of leapfrog was fun enough.”

The organizers strove to break the world record in the number of simultaneous games of leapfrog. Within a 4-by-4 foot square, pairs hopped, stepped and twisted around for 5 consecutive minutes.

“It was awesome,” senior Arjun Madhok said. “Our senior class should take notice.”

Many MVHS clubs set up booths to raise money for their respective organizations and attended as well.

“It had to have broken the record,” Cameron said. “It was a sea of leapers.”