The Black Student Union returns after years of being gone


Hana Jones

Students congregate at a BSU meeting. This year, BSU, a club focused on celebrating Black history and existence, was reformed for the first time in years.

Sophomore Brieana Sellers recently revived the Black Student Union (BSU) after a year of inactivity. BSU is a culture club that celebrates the black community at Los Altos High School.

Since its creation in 2014, BSU has dissolved and reformed multiple times — most recently, it was revived in the wake of nationwide Black Lives Matter protests. President and sophomore Brieana Sellers explained that restarting the club was no easy feat, but she hopes that it will continue to exist. 

“When it is time for me to leave, I want BSU to stay,” Brieana said. “It was a problem starting it up in the past because, when I got here, there was no BSU.” 

An average meeting at BSU consists of games and lessons on Black history and the Black experience — from teaching about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to microaggressions. In addition, club leaders talk individually to members about what they want to learn about. The environment of the room is set largely by their mascot, a doll of a little girl named Jada the BSU Baddie, and by club advisor Michael Smith.

“Mr. Smith is really funny — he’s one of the most entertaining teachers I know. It’s amazing working with him,” Brieana said. “Being in the classroom with him is so fun and he’s really encouraging when it comes to helping us plan events and getting things done both in and out of school.”

BSU aims to reflect on the African-American experience from slavery to the Civil Rights Movement to present day oppression — but, above all, to have a good time while doing it.

“It can be difficult sometimes, but I do really have fun because I can talk to people from different backgrounds who are also passionate about Black history,” Brieana said. 

The Black Student Union is hosting their final meeting on Thursday, May 25th. They invite anybody to attend, and they meet at room 202 during lunch. Their Instagram account @lahsbsu is also used to announce meetings.