The BCS Controversy

Alabama will be playing against Notre Dame for the national college football championship.  As usual, many say that the BCS is making a grave mistake in allowing the SEC (South Eastern Conference) conference to be favored. They believe that Oregon is shunned because of its youth and that the BCS sticks to a select group of teams to decide title contenders.  They feel their conference has been thrown to the wayside.
They’re wrong. Though fans may find it unfair, BCS picks the teams who deserve it, the teams who rub dirt on their wounds and grit their teeth.
To the naysayers of this year’s selection: whether you like it or not, the 2 best teams were chosen.  The SEC is the best football conference, it has the Heisman winner, multiple teams in the top ten, and a dominant record against non-conference teams.  Alabama won the SEC, unlike last year, and their only defeat came from a team led by the Heisman trophy winner, Johnny Manziel. Notre Dame’s undefeated mark through the season proves that it belongs.
Those left out were Oregon, Kansas State and Florida.  Oregon lost in its only major game of the year to Stanford and lost its three year reign on the Pac-12 championship.  Kansas State didn’t play many tough teams and lost to an unranked Baylor.  Florida, like Oregon, lost it major divisional game and didn’t make it to the SEC championship.
Further, the naysayers wouldn’t be any more satisfied with the new playoff system than they are now.  Once again someone’s not going to make it, and next year they won’t even play in a significant bowl game.  So once again every college football fan will be saying, “our team shoulda, woulda, and coulda made the National Championship.”
The current system creates a constant playoff atmosphere: win or say hello to a losers bowl (anybody say Famous Idaho Potato Bowl?).  One loss is missing a shot at a crystal football, and a second is death.  The current system does not set up only 3 meaningful games, it sets up 13.  It’s not a sprint, but a marathon. Win each game and play for it all, lose and hope to god you’re an SEC member.  Oregon’s Chip Kelly created the best motto, “Win the day.”  Don’t focus on what’s next, don’t look at the computers, don’t look at anything but the game you are playing.
College football isn’t a cake walk. The overconfident and weak are dropped. Throw that playoff system out; let the regular season reign.