The Baer Necessities

Healthy System Needs

In the past months, it seems as if I have been diagnosed with all of the above sickness. First, it was that dreadful cold that filled my throat with mucus and plugged up my nose. Then, I had a migraine which made my head incessantly throb and me me feel exceptionally dizzy. Even though I practice good hand washing, I still managed to catch the stomach flu. I won’t go into detail about the looks and smells of the tapioca pearls, Cheez-Its and Munchies, but I was nonetheless miserable.

When I took all of the medication I could take without exceeding the recommended dosage, my only option was to sit and wait for my body to recover. But is medicine the only cure for these illnesses? Are drugs and coffee my only form of relief from the ever-present and extremely inconvenient condition? Well, for me it’s not, I need some drug-free treatment that comforts me in my time of suffering.

So I am going to let you in on a few of my secrets, substance-free prescriptions that heal me from any illness I succumb to.

1. Hydration

It’s always important to stay hydrated, but when you’re sick, it’s even more important. We’re told to drink so much water in a day, but if you drink straight water, then you end up peeing it all away. When you drink water, you need to make sure that you consume some sort of sodium with it because the sodium helps retain the water and therefore keeps you hydrated.

2. Blankets and Pillows

Since you spend most of the time on the couch when you’re sick, you should get snug and warm with plenty of blankets and pillows. If you can be comfortable, then it’s easier to relax and nap. It’s important to support your head with a good amount of pillows, especially with a headache.

3. Bath/Shower

Bathing frequently, though a typical exercise practiced by most sane humans daily, can alieve stress and pain, causing the muscles to relax. Hot steam clears your nostrils and rids one of headaches and sinus trouble. Also, removing the stench that accumulates while sitting on the couch sweating often helps you feel better.

4. Comfort Movie

Watching movies is a common activity for the sick. I think the best kinds of movies to watch when you’re sick are the ones you’ve seen a million times. You can close your eyes and listen to the characters and since you’ve seen it many times before, it’s easy to picture the scene and play it out in your head.

My comfort movie is “What a Girl Wants.” Over the past month, I’ve managed to visualize the entire movie down to the last wrinkles in Colin Firth’s face.