Thanksgiving Should Be Top Holiday Among Family-Starved Teenagers

With Thanksgiving approaching, big roasted turkeys, large mounds of mashed potatoes and delicious apple pie are competing with family binding time as the sole purpose of the holiday.

Unlike other holidays that have lost their real meaning among teenagers (such as Labor Day), Thanksgiving should count on to always have the same values.

The primary values of Thanksgiving are spending time with family and being thankful for one another’s company. It is a holiday that teens should always look forward to every year because of this.

“It’s a day where we get together with our families, like a family reunion,” senior Angela Tran said.

Most families don’t get the opportunity to see their relatives during the year. They may see each other for birthdays, but generally little else. Thanksgiving is a day where teenagers can count on seeing their family.

“We have cousins that come over,” Angela said. “It’s probably one of the only holidays where we actually get together.”

Thanksgiving honors that time of year where everyone feels together.

“[Thanksgiving] is like the bringing together of a whole,” sophomore Bryan Cassella said. “Most of my family is separated.”

When things are not going well, the family is the one unit that many teenagers know they can go to for help. Thanksgiving helps reassure adolescents that family is still there for them.

Generally it is more appealing to take vacations on the holidays; Thanksgiving is one holiday where everyone should be obliged to come together and to save the vacations for later.

“It’s a time of year when family gather together instead of being busy with other things,” junior Priscilla Lai said.

One of the nicest things about Thanksgiving is that no one expects anything from anyone.

Christmas is a time when people give gifts to loved ones, but Thanksgiving is a holiday that does not require any gift at all. This forces families to focus on each other and not gifts.

Although the family bonding is still a part of Thanksgiving, the food aspect of it is no doubt not out of the picture. Food for some people is what keeps Thanksgiving alive. They look forward to the food part of Thanksgiving and that is it.

“You can always get to-go food at a restaurant instead of having to make the food yourself,” Angela said. “It’s nice to enjoy eating what your family cooks and picks out for everyone to eat.”

The food on Thanksgiving plays a huge role in the interest of Thanksgiving for teens but it doesn’t beat the feeling of being with your family. A huge feast is nice and leftovers better, but if teens do not share it with their family, it’s just another meal.

Teenagers should continue to think of Thanksgiving as a family-oriented tradition. Food is just a major side dish to family bonding.