Tennis Plays Tough Opponents in CCS

In the CCS individuals tournament on Monday, November 25, the girls faced off with some of the toughest opponents. The team was knocked out of the CCS team tournament early on in the quarterfinals against Saint Ignatius, and the singles’ and doubles’ CCS tournament also ended for Los Altos in the quarterfinals.

The doubles team of senior Kacey Incerpi and junior Whitney Mathews were able to defeat Saint Francis in the first round, but eventually fell to the Carmel in the quarterfinal match. The game against Saint Francis started off slowly, and Saint Francis took the first set 2-6. But Incerpi and Mathews were able to pick up their pace and won the second and third sets 7-6 and 6-2 respectively.

“Whitney and I also won our first round in 3 sets beating St. Francis 2-6, 7-6, 6-2,” Kacey said. We then lost in the quarters and were really disappointed with the result. “We hoped to win the whole tournament, so we were pretty upset. We definitely could have gone farther.”

Sophomores Carina Burdick and Juliette Martin, were also able to pass the first round.

Sophomore Juliette Martin’s first match against the player from Sobrato went well, and she won the first two sets 6-0 twice in a row. Although this first match went well, the CCS quarterfinals seedings placed her against a player from Menlo, who would later take first in the tournament. Juliette notably came into the tournament sick, which also ultimately affected her performance during her games.

“I was hoping to have done better in my second match since the last time I played her it was a close match, but I got sick yesterday so I was worried I wouldn’t even get through my first match,” Juliette said.

Juliette lost her game at the CCS quarterfinals against the player from Menlo.

Carina’s first game was against a player from Palo Alto High School. Although she lost her first set against her opponent, she was able to come back and win the second two sets. In the quarterfinals however, Carina played against a tough opponent from Stevenson High School. Losing the first two sets, Carina was also eliminated from the CCS tournament in the quarterfinals.

With all of the teams and players that the Los Altos team had sent to CCS eliminated at the quarterfinals, the Los Altos team finished the season on a high note, placing well in their league and moving deep into the CCS tournament brackets.