Tennis Falls Early in CCS

The boys varsity tennis team had a successful season but did not fare so well in CCS. They were seeded 7th in CCS and so were given a first round bye. They headed into the second round matched up against Cupertino.

Several players including seniors Dhruv Madhok and Christian Beck played despite nagging injury and sickness respectively. Believing it could be the last match of the season, Head coach Thor decided to play a senior doubles pair over a freshman pair at three doubles. The Eagles lost this match and three more, falling 4-3 against Cupertino.

“I think CCS was a really good indicator of our season,” freshman Adam Rosenbaum said. “The whole season long we didn’t practice with the intensity that we needed to and when you go into CCS with some of your top players injured, thats going to catch up to you.”

The Eagles have several strong freshman players on varsity this year which will surely lead to a strong program in the years to come.