Teacher, There is a Car at the Bottom of Our Pool

Throughout the years, several senior pranks have been pulled. With seniors starting to think about prom and graduation and possibly pulling a prank of their own, The Talon looks at the best and the worst of senior pranks in the last couple of years.

Best: Putting a car in the swimming pool
The class of ‘04 showcased its engineering talents to the school by putting a Volkswagen Beetle in the school swimming pool.The act was accomplished by driving the small Beetle through the corridors right up next to the pool. By using several automotive tools, they raised the car and dropped it into the pool.

While the school had to spend some money in order to get it out of the pool and had to pump in new water since the old water was a concern to student health, the cost on the school’s part equaled the cost and energy spent on the seniors’ side.

While they would never admit it, physics teachers at the school were secretly impressed by the bravado of the seniors in using their brains to play a prank on the school.

Honorable mention: Numbered pigs
The class of ‘05 released three pigs onto campus, with painted numbers one, two and four on their sides. While the administration was quick in rounding up the three pigs, they spent considerable time looking for number three, until they realized there was no number three.

No damage to the school was caused and although the administration had to spend much of their time, the Senior Class proved that they were masters of both mathematics (knowing that four comes after three) and psychology (confusing the rest of the school).

Worst: Writing on walls
Before seniors go about running through the corridors and giving the school the bright look they’ve always wanted, they should really check what materials they’re using. The pranksters who graduated in 2006 clearly did not.

While the window paint they used comes off easy when used on surfaces it was intended for such as, say, windows, the label also clearly states that it should not be used on any other surface. Unfortunately the ‘06 graduates never thought about checking how well it would come off when used on walls, and they ended up having to pay several thousands of dollars to fix the problem.

All seniors considering pulling a prank should remember that the punishments can be severe, including being suspended, expelled and not allowed to attend graduation.