Teacher Donates Kiwanis Money to AVID Classes

Science teacher Greg Stoehr recently donated $300 worth of classroom supplies to AVID classes, after receiving them in the form of a Kiwanis stipend. The money was awarded through Principal Wynne Satterwhite.

The Kiwanis Club of Los Altos is a volunteer organization aimed towards raising money for scholarships and grants programs, and helps Los Altos through community service.

With the $300 stipend, Stoehr purchased and donated 100 percent recycled paper and 4 gigabyte thumb drives to AVID classes.

“I have a lot of AVID students and I know that they do a lot of printing for those students,” Stoehr said. “I donated 100 percent recycled paper so [students] have paper supplies. I also donated 4 gigabyte thumb drives for people who don’t have the money for them.”

Stoehr hopes that his donation will ease the financial burden of both the AVID Department and its students.

“I think if they don’t have access to a printer, then it just helps students turn things in without the costs from their pockets, since AVID pays for a lot of the paper,” Stoehr said. “Thumb drives are a valuable thing to have. They allow [students] to be a little more technologically proficient.”