Teacher allegedly involved in inappropriate Twitter interactions


Talon Staff

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The Talon has withheld the teacher’s name until any clear decision has been made. However, we are aware that most people who read this article will know of the teacher we are referencing.

The Talon has information suggesting that Los Altos High School Administration is currently investigating a teacher’s involvement in a series of inappropriate Twitter interactions. The teacher isn’t currently on campus, but he has been posting announcements and assignments on Canvas.

Students found the teacher’s twitter account over the weekend, and The Talon verified its connection to the teacher. Web archives confirm that the last activity on this account was Monday, January 30. The account has since been deleted. Screenshots of his activity are circulating throughout the student body. Though many found them inappropriate, none of the interactions would likely be considered illegal. The account appears to have “liked” photos of topless women and encouraged online sexual advances. When asked to comment, the teacher declined.

Administration requests all students with any concerns regarding safety on campus or any concerns related to potential or perceived inappropriate activity to contact Principal Wynne Satterwhite and Associate Superintendent of Personnel Leyla Benson. Any concerns can and should also be shared with law enforcement officers directly.

All adults — both paid personnel and volunteers — interacting with students at the Mountain View–Los Altos School District are required to go through an extensive background check. Before employees can be hired or volunteers can come on campus, they must first be cleared through the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation clearance process, which is completed through a third party Live Scan process. This detects any recorded criminal activity and alerts administration if an employee’s criminal history changes anytime during their employment. The district also conducts background checks with an applicant’s former employers before hiring.

This is a developing story.