Talon Top Five: Super Bowl Ads

The NFL’s marketing of the Super Bowl has been phenomenal, as the game has gone from simply honoring football’s elite to becoming a national holiday. Every year, landmark ads for the Super Bowl seem to draw as much interest as the game itself, bringing in millions of viewers. In recent years, signature ads like the E-trade baby or the Dorito’s kids seemed to enthrall the audience, but which ads marked this year’s Super Bowl?

Clint Eastwood: “It’s halftime in America”

Clint Eastwood’s dark voice helps remind us of the importance of coming together as country, despite our difficult times of unemployment and political dissension in the United States. The ad has a slow pace that accentuates Eastwood’s grave voice and is compelling both to the viewers and to the Chrystler vehicles it showcases in Detroit.

Audi’s Vampires

The car-maker Audi does a clever bit of story-telling off of the popular sensation of vampires in today’s media, a la True Blood and Twilight, by using 2013 Audi S7’s headlight technology to show the viewers that vampires are strictly nocturnal.

Acura NSX: Jerry Seinfeld vs. Jay Leno

Another brilliant ad by a car-maker. Acura utilizes humor as a universal appeal to show these two staples of television comedy fight out the rights to first dibs on the new Acura NSX model.

Second Story Software’s Toilet Humor

The ad about the free TaxAct software shows a boy running around everywhere to find a place to relieve himself. His ultimate choice? The pool. The company uses the tagline to emphasize their point, “Totally free. Feels good.”

Volkswagen’s Dogs

This heartening commercial by Volkswagen commercial shows an overweight dog running alongside the new Volkswagen Beetle to get himself into shape. It’s a bit cliché, but cute nevertheless.