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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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Talon Top 5: Valentine’s Day Dates

Homemade Sushi

For those of you looking to escape somewhere foreign with your loved one, try an at-home trip to Japan. With a few ingredients, the two of you can easily create homemade sushi. First buy a $15 sushi block at your nearest Asian market. Get seaweed, sushi rice, avocado, crab and any ingredients you may want to include in your delicious sushi and arrange it beautifully on the largest platter you can find. To make your evening even more special, set some pillows down on the floor, set the platter in the middle and chow down with chopsticks. This is sure to be a fun way to escape the Los Altos feeling and enter a whole new world with your loved one.

Watercourse Way

For couples dying to show their love for one another, Watercourse Way Bathhouse Spa is the perfect way to show some appreciation. Watercourse Way is located in downtown Palo Alto on Channing Avenue and is open every day of the week. Here, couples can choose from nine different tub rooms, each with different choices and varieties of jetted wood tubs, saunas, cold plunges, spas and treatments. Tub rooms can be rented for a relatively cheap price (considering it’s a spa), starting at $18 to $28 per hour. Aside from these romantic tub rooms, love-struck couples can opt for a pricier experience and get massages together. Even bigger spenders may want tubs with massages. Either way you choose, you can’t go wrong with Watercourse Way.The experience will leave you and your loved one relaxed and happier than ever.

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Breakfast in Bed

For those on a budget, an at home Valentine’s Day is perfect for you. As cute as it is when we cook romantic, candle-lit dinners for the special people in our lives, it is also very cliché. So try shaking up the day by waking your cutie up with a romantic sunrise breakfast. After getting his or her parents’ permission (we are in high school after all), wake up before your significant other does and head over to his or her house before school. Although it may be early, it is a testament to one’s love and dedication to the other. If you’re unsure of what to cook, try heart-shaped pancakes with pink or red sprinkles or even heart-shaped muffins with red food dye. Waking up to the sweet smell of a freshly-cooked, homemade breakfast in bed could be just the key to the heart (and stomach) and having you there to start off your cutie’s day wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Pier 39

Unforunately this year, Valentine’s day is on a Monday, but that’s no reason to not celebrate. After school gets out, take the Caltrain to San Francisco for under $10. Once in the city, take your beau to Pier 39 for a variety of fun options. Bring your significant other through the Aquarium of the Bay’s romantic 300-foot water tunnel. While tickets may be a bit pricey at $16.95, it will be worth it when sharks are overhead and your lover can’t help but cling tightly onto you. Pier 39 has plenty of restaurants, sweet shops and tourist stores to explore. Take her to Pier 39’s Pearl Factory where she can cut open a real salt water oyster and discover her very own pearl. Go a step further by fixing her pearl into a ring, necklace or bracelet on the spot. Pier 39 has it all, from the romantic beach atmosphere to breathtaking gifts.

Indoor Skydiving

Is your loved one an adventurous type? Try taking your sweetheart to iFly Indoor Skydiving/Vertical Wind Tunnel located in Union City off Highway 880 between the Dumbarton Bridge and San Mateo. Because it takes a little while to drive, be sure to leave school right when the bell rings and make reservations in advance. With no experience necessary, you can take your special someone to free fall through 120-mph winds, making it seem as though you are falling through the sky. This fun experience is sure to bring you two lovebirds closer together and reeling with excitement. The first-time-flyer package is pricey at $54.95 per person, but the thrilling experience is worth the good memories you’ll be making with your honey.

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