Talon Top 5: Essential Teen Life Skills

1. Parallel Parking
With the California DMV taking parallel parking out of the license test, most teenagers are like deer in headlights when it comes to this kind of parking. But if you want to have a day in the city without spending hours looking for an easy spot, you’re going to have to learn eventually. Going into it with confidence is key. Pull up past the spot so your door is lined up with the car in front of the spot. Next, turn your wheel sharply towards the curb before you back up. If you need to drive up and back a couple of times don’t be too embarrassed (not many can do the one-move parallel park). If you have to make more than three attempts, you should probably give up; you’re holding up traffic.

2. Getting Adults to Like You
First of all, there is a significant difference between making a good first impression and sucking up. Nobody likes a suck-up. When introducing yourself to adults, shake their hands firmly and always address them as Mr. or Mrs. (unless they tell you otherwise). Adults seem to have the idea that all teenagers are crazy hoodlums without manners; by doing this you’re proving yourself to be a diamond in the rough. Then you might want to start a conversation about their day. For some reason, adults love talking about their day, so asking about it shows that you actually care. The secret to getting on the good side of adults is to come off as someone who is respectable, confident and even has a sense of humor.

3. Getting Out of a Ticket
Nobody wants to be in this type of situation, especially teenagers. No matter what you’ve been doing that day, the second you see the lights flashing in your rearview mirror your heart will drop and reality will set in: You’re going to have to talk your way out of it or your parents will kill you.
The first thing you need to do is conjure up all of the emotions you can. You’re going to need to cry. We all know girls have a talent of being able to cry on command (whether they admit it or not) and even though it may be hard for guys to confess how they go out of the ticket later on they will be thankful when it’s all over. Think of a reason why you “weren’t driving like you normally do.” However, if you don’t believe in your lying capabilities, just drive safely.

4. Asking Someone Out
Probably one of the gutsiest things someone can do is asking out the person they like. Whether it’s asking him or her on a simple date or suggesting taking it to the next level, your mind is going to be racing because there is always the chance of rejection. It’s the little possibility guy on your shoulder telling you he or she will say no that is going to be your greatest enemy, because if you never ask you’ll never forgive yourself.
If you can only remember one thing before you ask someone out, remember to be confident. Even though it may be easy, nobody likes to be asked out over Facebook or a text message. Just be upfront about the whole thing because saying something simple like “I was wondering if you want to be my boyfriend/girlfriend” can work way better than you might expect.

5. Playing Poker
The last thing you want to do is be surrounded by some very good-looking people and a deck of cards, be asked to play a certain game of poker and have no idea how to play. But no worries; poker is one of the easiest card games out there. The point of the game is to get the best hand at the table. A good hand has cards with the same number, like three sevens (known as three of a kind) or having cards in numerical order (known as a straight). There are two types of poker that are the most common: Five Card Draw and Texas Hold ‘Em. Then, of course, there is some bluffing involved. After you’ve tested out your skills in these basic ways of playing poker, you can always upgrade to a more exciting form of play.