Talon Crushes ASB in Dodgeball

Last Friday, May 2, the Talon dodgeball team faced off against the ASB team in a heated battle during brunch. The game, which took place in the quad, ended in the Talon team’s favor with a final score of 1-0.

The Talon team consisted of seniors Sam Lisbonne, Jordan Stout, Joey Malgesini and Zoe Morgan, junior Daniel Rosenbaum and sophomore Johnny Scher. The ASB team consisted of juniors Nick Ambiel and Dylan Zorn, sophomores Will Thabit, Charlize Zuraek and Adam Spielman and senior Steven Lee.

The game was fierce and came close to a tie as the Talon team had only one member remaining when the bell rung.

“We performed well and worked together as a team to come out with a win,” Danny said.

Because the game came so close to a tie, the Talon members intend to improve for next years’ game.

“We need to put a larger emphasis on catching rather than relying too heavily on throwing to get the outs,” Danny said.

Students who’d like to participate in this year’s dodgeball tournament can pick up the yellow sign-up slips either from Rainie Maciel in the attendance office, or from Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson in the quad.