Suspicious Man Seen on Bubb Elementary School campus

Authorities called Mountain View police officers to Bubb Elementary School today, March 29, after a stranger on the campus lunged at a nine-year-old female student as she came back from the restroom.

The student ran to her classroom, while the man ran off through the rest of the campus towards Bonita Avenue. He has not yet been found.

A press release by the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD) said that the man was a heavyset white male adult in his fifties, who wore a navy blue polo and grey jeans.

St. Simon Parish School administrators also reported a man fitting the same description, who was seen at the school earlier in the day. However, the Los Altos Police Department (LAPD) and MVPD believe the two incidents are completely unrelated. The Los Altos Town Crier reported that the LAPD now believes that the man seen at St. Simon was a cyclist waiting for friends.

A police sketch of the Bubb suspect can be viewed here.