Sunken Floor in Weight Room Repaired

Last week, athletes who entered the weight room may have noticed an unusual depression in the floor. The room has since been returned to its proper form.

“In the weight room, where we do the deadlifts, the steel beam underneath [the floor] didn’t have enough support, so it was bending, so the floor was sinking right there,” athletic director Kim Cave said.

Deadlifts generally involve lifting a barbell off the ground from a bent over position to an upright position, then returning it to the floor. Due to the nature of this exercise, it is easy to let the weight down too hard or drop it when returning the it to the ground.

“It was just the weight hitting [the floor] over and over again in the same spot,” Cave said.

The extent of the damage wasn’t too extreme as the impact from the weights gradually dented the floor. There wasn’t any physical hole exposing the asphalt below. However, the floor was still in considerable need of repair.

“We had [the maintenance crew] come in and take the floor out… It needed to be reinforced, so they hey reinforced it underneath with cement and everything else, put the floor back in and it’s back to normal,” Cave said.