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Study tips

May 22, 2018


1. Is your brain melting? Take breaks! MIT researchers recommend studying with blocks of times with one-hour study sessions divided by ten-minute breaks.

2. Eliminate distractions; It is a proven fact that human brains can’t multitask, so put away your smartphone and block your computer. Download Cold Turkey to block distracting websites on your computer or set up Flowtimer to prevent yourself from looking at your iPhone.

3. If you have to listen to something while studying, listen to music without lyrics or white noise. We recommend using the app Tide for white noise.

4. Losing momentum in your studying? Use the two-minute rule. Set this goal: if a small task can be accomplished in two minutes or less, do it! This will help you get started and end your unproductive cycle.

5. Catch some zzz’s. While we all know that teenagers don’t get the recommended 8-9 hours of sleep every night, science shows that 10- 20 minutes is the perfect time for a power nap. Any more, and you risk becoming too sleepy.

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