Studio Art AP V: Students Channel Inner Artists

Katherine Zeborowski, senior
When senior Katherine Zeborowski was little, her aunt taught her how to sign and date everything she drew for when she becomes famous. It has been many years since then, and Katherine has definitely come a long way from her doodling days.

Not only has she taken Drawing I and II and Art History/Art Appreciation AP at the school, she has also taken an impressionist painting class in Italy over one summer .

“What stands out to me in her art is that she has really great sense and talent with using texture,” Studio Art AP teacher Christine An said. “So instead of making a flat drawing or a flat painting, she is always using mixed media and putting things on [her art], using cardboard, leaves, different materials and incorporating them into her painting and drawing, so it’s a collage, relief kind of thing.”

Katherine’s art is inspired by her emotions, the people and situations in her life and other art she admires. One of her favorite pieces is a high contrast portrait she drew of her friend Kevin Lagassa, which she believes “captures his crazy personality and his goofy smile in an interesting and strange way.”

“As much as I enjoy art and studying art in school, I don’t think I will pursue it as a career,” Katherine said. “I will continue art classes for fun and will do art for the rest of my life.”

Marisa Colcord, senior
Marisa Colcord describes herself as “a huge perfectionist,” and An agrees. According to An, Marisa’s forte is creating pieces with intricate details and technique such as pen and ink art.

“I really want to do realism,” Marisa said. “What I always try to do when I draw people is to be as real as possible.”

However, lately she has been branching out into the expressionistic painting style, where she emphasizes emotional quality rather than the realistic rendition of subjects.

“Right now she’s making a huge leap in her artistic quest,” An said. “She is experimenting with painting. She’s teaching herself how to paint, which I think is great.”

For ideas, Marisa visits, an international online artist community that allows visual artists to exhibit and discuss their works.

“I look at a lot of the art there,” Marisa said. “And I look at artist ideas and I’m like, ‘hmmm, I want to do something like that.”

Marisa is considering going to UC Irvine as an illustrations or graphics major. Her dream job is to be a video game character illustrator.

Lauren Mease, senior
The reason senior Lauren Mease started Drawing I in her sophomore year was for the elective credit, but she found herself continuing to take art even after that.

“I want to do something in design or advertisement [when I’m older,],” Lauren said. “I guess I could use [art] for that.”

According to An, in addition to possessing very controlled technical skills, Lauren has a good sense of color scheme and design. She can use color pencils to blend colors in such a way that “you know it’s a drawing but it almost looks like a photograph.”

Lauren’s favorite piece of art she has completed is a portrait of her friend done in different shades of black, grey and white.

“She’s improved so much this year,” An said. “When I had her in Drawing II, she was still learning the concepts. Now she knows all the principles, she’s now thinking for herself, creating her own compositions and concepts which I think is great.”

Though Lauren may not be attending an art school after she graduates, she wants to study and art-related major or minor.