Studio Art AP: Students Channel Inner-Artists

Ever wonder who could be the next Picasso or Van Gogh? They may be right here at school.

Studio Art AP, taught by Christine An, is designed to foster growth in future artists. The 26 students enrolled in the class experiment with all aspects of art as they discover their capabilities and explore the wide spectrum of the art world.

This is the first article of a series, which will feature Studio Art AP students proving their artistic talent.

Chris Fung, senior
Chris decided to take this class because it was the highest available art class on campus. He has been taking art classes for nine years.

“What I like about art is how open it is,” Chris said. “Anything is art; there are no limitations to what you can do.”

Chris also takes life drawing classes at a studio called Rainbow Art, located in Cupertino, During this class, live models come in and pose for the amateur artists as the students sketch them.

“Chris has a very creative mind and does things on his own,” An said. “He has already established his likes and style.”

Chris plans to attend an art college and pursue an art-related career after college.

Nicole Dudley, senior
Nicole has been taking art classes since early childhood, and it is a pastime that turned into a passion.

“Art is a part of my life,” Nicole said. “I have loved it ever since my grandma painted with me when I was young. It brings back a lot of good memories.”

According to Nicole, Studio Art AP is a lot of work, but she still loves the class.

“Ms. An is a great teacher,” Nicole said. “I have had her since my freshman year, and I love all the people in my class.”

According to An, Nicole is very disciplined and thoughtful.

“She puts a lot of insight into her pieces, and her technical skills are far superior,” An said.

Nicole plans to major in art in college, and continue doing what she feels passionate about.

Neggin Tavana, senior
This is Neggin’s second year taking art classes, and her talent and love for the hobby has been the reason for her incredible improvement.

“I love art because it gives me a chance for creative freedom,” Neggin said. “It is also very relaxing and calms me down after a stressful event.”

The accomplishment she is most proud of is a perspective drawing she completed last year. She spent about 22 hours working on it, and her time and effort paid off.

“The piece won me $100 at a contest, and it was the first piece in which I actually recognized that I had talent,” Neggin said.

Neggin has truly enjoyed the art classes at the school and loves her Studio Art AP class this year.

“I love it,” Neggin said. “Ms. An is great and is there  to help her students and give them some guidance.”

An also enjoys have Neggin as one of her students.

“Neggin is very creative and has lots of great ideas,” An said. “She is also not afraid of experimenting with a variety of media.”

Neggin plans to minor in art in college, and then continue on to an art school.