Studio Art AP IV: Students Channel Inner Artists

Kimberly Shannon ‘09
Drawing has been junior Kimberly Shannon’s passion for as long as she can remember.

“I enjoy art because I have a mind overflowing with ideas,” Kimberly said. “There’s nothing more satisfying than making one of those ideas come out on paper in all of it’s glory.”

To many people, art may seem like a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing, but to Kimberly, there is a definite process to her artwork.

She usually starts with an idea and sketches it in a few different ways to experiment with variation regarding to her idea or concept. After creating multiple sketches, Kimberly usually re-sketches her favorite one on an art illustration board, where the process varies depending on the medium she’s working with.

Studio Art AP teacher Christine An says that Kimberly’s work has made a huge improvement since the beginning of this year and that she has “a very good sense of creating emphasis and presenting her work in a unique angle” in her compositions.

Dealing with many different types of mediums can at times be a challenge, but through Studio Art AP, she has been able to adapt to the many creative challenges artists can face.

“I’ve taken a few classes outside of school, but they’ve never been serious enough for me,” Kimberly said. “Studio ARt AP is more about bringing out and advancing what talent there already is there, instead of teaching a certain way to do things.”

The skills she has learned from Studio Art AP have also helped Kimberly progress with her favorite kind of art, a combination of everything that inspire her, from pop art to manga to American comics.

“Art is a matter of perception, there is no such thing as perfect,” Kimberly said. “What’s most important is that an artist finds their own style and way of expression. A true artist never stops learning.”

Katie Cheng ‘08
Senior Katie Cheng has been drawing ever since her days of crayons and construction paper in kindergarten.

Dedicating all that time and effort to her artwork has paid off.

“The progress is painful,” Katie said. “Thinking of a good idea is probably the hardest part. [But] I love the end product. I like looking at a piece and forgetting how much work and pain it took to make it, and just appreciating the piece for itself.”

Taking Studio Art AP has also helped her concentrate more on her artwork and improve both inside and outside the classroom.

“Studio Art [AP] has forced me to do more art than I have even had to do in my entire life,” Katie said. “A good thing or a bad thing, I haven’t decided. But at least I have come up with some pieces that I can be rather proud of.”

Over the summer, Katie also had more time to refine her technique and style by taking classes at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

The classes definitely helped her once it was time to return to school.

“Her art is very detailed and refined, and her technique is excellent,” An said. “She has a lot of control. Katie is very talented. She has a natural talent in art.”

Lisa Kellman ‘08
Senior Lisa Kellman’s inspiration usually comes from a variety of sources, from modern artwork to whatever she happens to stumble across during her day.

Lisa draws inspiration from a lot of abstract and impressionistic work, as well as from “really random places.”

She enjoys Studio Art AP because “it’s a lot more freedom. The projects aren’t as specific as in the past, so we have more options to pick from.”

An believes that Lisa’s vibrant personality lends a lot to her work.

“She’s just bursting with ideas,” An said. “Lisa is just so energetic and friendly, you can really see that in her colorful art.”

With all of those unique and interesting ideas, Studio Art AP has been the perfect place to express her creativity.

Lisa believes that those “colorful” and imaginative ideas will also be able to help her later on, no matter what she chooses to do.

“I definitely think that the creativity skills I gained from the art will really help me in almost any career I choose to take,” Lisa said.

But even if she doesn’t end up utilizing her art skills in the future, she’ll always see it as a way for her to express herself in a unique light.

“I find it normally very relaxing and entertaining,” Lisa said. “Art is a release for me.”