Students Tour Tesla Factory and View Private Screening of ‘Ender’s Game’

Last Friday, science teachers Adam Randall, Greg Stoehr, Karen Davis and 28 students of their choosing experienced a day full of interesting activities organized by executives from Tesla Motors, Google, The Kitchen Community and the production team of the movie “Ender’s Game.”

In total, 60 participants from LAHS, MVHS and the KIPP Bridge Charter School in Oakland were invited. The goal of the event was to encourage interest and the pursuit of careers in STEM fields, and demonstrate that it’s possible to have an influential and meaningful career and still love one’s job.

The day started with and centered around a guided tour of the Tesla factory, where students got to observe the entire process behind the manufacture of a Tesla Model S, from its start as rolls of aluminum to a fully assembled, advanced luxury car.

“It was a fascinating glimpse into the future of car production,” senior Nick Bousse said.

After the tour came to a close, the visitors attended a lecture from engineers and astronauts on the real world integration of STEM, as well as a hands-on with Google’s self-driving cars.

Then the group was treated to a private screening of “Ender’s Game,” followed by a Q&A session with the movie’s producers.

“Overall, it was a unique opportunity that had an impact on the participants, especially the younger kids from Oakland who don’t have as much exposure to the high tech industry,” Nick said.