Students Take on Challenge to Be Green

As part of Earth Week activities, students received free candy and food for biking to school the morning of Carbon-Free Commute Challenge (CFCC) day today, April 20.

“We were inspired by [Mountain View High School’s] decision to do this a couple years ago,” junior Adron Mason said. “It ended up making a pretty big difference. We’re hoping that we’ll have the same effect.”

While CFCC day was planned, it was not publicized. Adron said CFCC day was intended as a surprise to reward those who always commuted in a green fashion, whether on foot or by bike.

Members of the Green Team positioned themselves at the back entrance, the front entrance, and the bike racks to hand out coffee cake and mixed-bag candies. They tried to pass out food or candy to every green commuter in sight.

Green Team programs will hold more CFCC days on campus in the future to persuade students to commute in more environmentally friendly ways. This spontaneous food delivery day will not be announced beforehand, so students interested in receiving treats must take the CFCC every day.