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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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Students roll bags across campus

Photo by Katherine Little
Sophomore Jacob Detkin sits on his rolling backpack. He is one of the few students who uses a rolling back- pack, to prevent shoulder injury and to keep organized.

In the sea of some 1,700 students at school, 2 are distinctly different from the others. When browsing the quad at brunch or passing through the halls in between periods, these two cannot be missed on campus. They are the few, the proud—owners of rolling backpacks.

Sophomore Jacob Detkin and freshman Willem Van Eck share their unique taste in backpacks, and kindly explain the benefits of using this alternate mode of textbook transportation.

“My favorite thing about my rolling backpack is that I can really run my fastest with it,” Willem said.

Willem also enjoys the fact that his rolling backpack, “has a sturdy frame … so it’s easier for me to pull stuff out of it, and everything stays organized instead of being tossed about.” Jacob also finds that his backpack helps him stay organized throughout the school day and lessens the stress on his back. “I don’t have a bunch of weight on my back—it’s all on the ground,” Jacob said.

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This is especially important to Jacob, since he suffers from a medical condition. If too much pressure is applied to his shoulder, his right clavicle “pops in and out.”

Though Jacob initially got the backpack for medical reasons, he now finds that he enjoys using it because it not only stores books but also doubles as an impromptu chair.

Despite all of the benefits and features of his deluxe backpack, Jacob’s favorite feature is ”the lights on the wheels.” The multi-colored LED lights on the wheels flash each time they spin around.

However, rolling backpacks are not all fun and games.

“I think I accidentally tripped one of my teachers once,” Jacob said. According to him, this is an occurrence that inevitably goes along with owning a bag on wheels.

Willem has also had his share of difficulties with his rolling backpack. “It’s very difficult to maneuver in a floor- crowded area such as a classroom, between the rows of desks, and the school assemblies,” Willem said. “I [also] have to carry the backpack upstairs … which is uncomfortable,” Willem said. Jacob agrees that the stairs at school are a pain to climb with such a heavy backpack. However, both students believe that the benefits of owning a rolling backpack outweigh the drawbacks.

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