Students Pull Senior Prank

On Friday May 23, as a senior prank, seniors held a fake overnight campout in the LAHS quad. The prank was organized by Lora Maslenitsyna and Katherine Higgins with support from fellow seniors, who spread word about the event through a private Facebook group.

Due to fear of getting in trouble with the administration, the seniors chose to do this harmless prank instead of a “classic” senior prank like parking cars in the hallways.

“We knew we wanted to do a senior prank, but we had to think of something that couldn’t get us into trouble with the administration,” Lora said. “We didn’t run it by any of the teachers or admin because that’s not fun. They laughed at us, though, so it turned out fine.”

The prank turned out to be the fun event the seniors had hoped it would be.

“I think the 30 or so people who actually showed up had fun,” Lora said. “We all had breakfast together and it was awesome that we had at least one person bring a tent.”