Students Participate In Day of Silence Against Anti-LGBT Bullying

Students participated in the annual Day of Silence (DOS) event at school yesterday, May 10. For the entire school day, students chose not to speak in protest against anti-LGBT harassment and bullying.

“I think it’s really important in schools because people our age say things without thinking about what they’re saying, and those things can be really offensive to members of the LGBT community,” junior Emma Murray said.

Many participants of this event wore stickers as a reminder that they would remain quiet throughout the day. Some of them sported small signs on their shirts that explained to others their reason for silence. With a large turnout this year, Emma believed that the Day of Silence at school had been very successful.

“I think it went well, Emma said. “Lots of people were silent to show support and lots of people who weren’t silent showed support for those who were by wearing information about Day of Silence and learning about Day of Silence in general.