Students Participate in Chemistry Olympiad

LAHS students took the Chemistry Olympiad today, March 14. The test serves as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge on the subject.

The test is 60 questions long and students are given 110 minutes to complete the Olympiad.

“I thought it was great practice for the AP test and, as [chemistry teacher Craig Seran] said, it’s really humbling,” junior Jacqueline Liu said.

Around 10 thousand students participate in this test every year. In order to move on to the national competition, students must receive a score over 50 and have the first or second highest score in their respective school.

Nearly 900 students from across the country qualify to take the 3-part national exam. The 20 highest scoring students from the national competition are then invited to a study camp, where 4 are then selected to be part of the United States Chemistry Olympiad team.