Marching Band Members Participate in Three-Day Camp

The school’s marching band left for its annual band camp last Friday, August 26. The camp, which lasted until Sunday, August 28, was an opportunity for the band to bond and fine tune its new show, “Forbidden.”

Besides offering leadership opportunities for this year’s returning seniors, who are the new section leaders for the 2011 band season, the annual camp also placed emphasis on improving parts and their show.

Band members woke up at 7 a.m. every morning to practice in sectional groups. The afternoons were taken up by large field practices, during which the band members rehearsed their pieces and formations with the rest of band.

“It made us get away from home so all of our attention was strictly about band and [we] didn’t have to worry about other aspects of life,” percussionist senior Markell Stine said.

On top of practicing, band members also engaged in many non-music activities. Students spent nights participating in skits and games with fellow band members.

“When you are forced to be with people for three days straight, you have to get to know them,” Markell said.

[Photos courtesy of Shirley Pefley]