Students Participate in Acoustic Night at Red Rock

The Youth Advisory Committee of Mountain View hosted an acoustical music night at the Red Rock Cafe on Friday, January 18. The event featured a variety of different solo performers and bands that played sets of songs from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

Although similar to the Open Mic Nights that Red Rock hosts for students, this event, called Teen Unplugged, focused solely on acoustic music. In addition, while performers normally either sign up to participate ahead of time or during the Open Mic Night itself, this event featured a structured lineup.

This time, performers included Libertine Circle, Greg Muzzolini and Kyle Eke, Thomas Reidy, Mercy Street Project, Annaka Olson, David Courter and Emma Halliday. Over 100 people passed through to listen to these musical artists, who played songs ranging from “Titanium” to “Hallelujah.”

“Red Rock usually has good performers for these events or their Open Mic Nights,” junior Lora Maslenitsyna said. “The place is generally laid back and a fun alternative to staying home on a Friday.”