Students Kick Off Three-On-Three Basketball Tournament

The first round of the three-on-three basketball tournament began today, February 28.

Eighteen teams were cut down to 10; however, the eight teams that lost will still be able to participate in the consolation bracket.

On the left side of the bracket, RAM beat Unknown 22-2, The Weather Up There beat SNSD 20-14, Kiwi and the Pineapples defeated For the Team 18-2, the MOB defeated BMW 24-4, and Bald Eagles received a bye.

On the right side of the bracket Booty Bounce Boppers defeated Yay-Area’s finest 14-10, Team Dendroaspis Polylepis defeated You Must be Stupid 14-8, Mixteam beat Piranahs 18-2, Oh my Bosh! beat Team Smack 14-12, and GSK received a bye.

The tournament will continue throughout the rest of the week.