Students in Klüb Kitchen Can Have Their Cakes, Eat Them Too

For many students there are two parts to lunch: finding food and going to club meetings. Every other Monday, 15 to 20 students find a way to combine the two parts by participating in Klüb Kitchen.

In Klüb Kitchen, members prepare for every meeting by baking to a theme that club members vote on the week before. A couple of the meetings’ previous themes have been holiday and comfort food.

The members then meet in room 507 to sample all the dishes and have a good time. After all the food has been sampled and discussed, the members vote on the best dish. The chef of that treat is awarded the Golden Spatula.

One of the more recent winners is sophomore Shahan Salim, who won with Hot Chili Chocolate.

The Golden Spatula can be found hanging next to a list of previous winners and the name of their dish.

“[The spatula] was kind of a jest the last few years,” club adviser Keren Robertson said. “And then [freshman] Marissa Childs actually spray painted it one day.”
Klüb Kitchen was started two years ago by Caitlin Russell ‘07 as the “So You Think You Can Bake?”Club. The club changed its name last year.

Sophomore Megan Tran joined the club to be with friends and enjoy good food.

“It’s really good,” Megan said. “You go there and bake food and [get] to be with everybody.”

According to Robertson, the members of Klüb Kitchen get very involved in baking, despite their hardy natures.

“The kids are really serious about sharing recipes and baking to specific ingredients,” Robertson said.

According to Robertson, in the past year the club has done other activities than just bake for meetings. Last year, they went on a tour of the Scharffenberger Chocolate Factory, and in the future they hope to either visit a bakery or invite a professional chef to come in and talk to them.

The club frowns upon giving free meals but will gladly welcome new members.