Students Frustrated with Art Class Enrollment Limits

Students who wish to retake Studio Art AP will not be able to do so next year. It has always been a policy that students may not retake any AP classes, but it has not been an issue for the art program until now.

According to Principal Wynne Satterwhite, no classes can be retaken if space does not permit, even art.

The elimination of the Art Appreciation class two years ago shrank the art program. The art path now spans only three years versus four, resulting in that students who wish to take art all four years no longer have that option.

“The reason I want to retake [Studio Art AP] is not to better my grade … it’s to work on my art style,” junior Anna Dilley said.

According to senior Karen Valencia, by only allowing students to take three art courses over the course of their four years of high school, “they’re forcing the Art Department to shrink.”

In addition to not being able to take Studio Art AP twice, the administration is also restricting enrollment in multiple art courses simultaneously.

According to Satterwhite, it has always been the policy that students cannot take art courses simultaneously unless there is extra room in the class after all students have chosen classes to allow all students to have the opportunity to take an art class.

“All the artistic classes you [should be able to] retake,” Anna said. “This is not a math class.”

According to art teacher Christine An, the school is setting a double standard by allowing musicians to retake choral and instrumental music classes but not AP Studio Art.

“Music is one of those [classes] that builds,” Satterwhite said. “Studio Art AP is built curriculum.”

According to senior Katherine Zaborowski,  taking Studio Art AP twice would have been helpful and would allow students to work on their 29 pieces for their AP portfolio.

“The 29 pieces that I have for my portfolio includes pieces that I don’t like from last year,” Katherine said.

According to Satterwhite, ultimately it all comes down to budget and student interest. IF there is space after students sign up, then the administration will be happy to accommodate any students who wish to take multiple art courses.