Students for Justice fundraise for Haiti

The Students for Justice Club held a benefit concert Saturday, January 30 at The Jungle in downtown Palo Alto to raise money for Haiti. The event raised $900.

The concert featured musical performances and presentations from history teacher Seth Donnelly and other speakers. The speakers shared their experiences with and thoughts about Haiti.

The club was originally founded to raise money for local causes, but after seeing the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake, officers decided to direct funds there instead.

“I really hope that people enjoyed the event and also got to learn more about the situation in Haiti aside from the earthquake disaster alone,” Students for Justice Co-President senior Natalie Hon said. “We invited a lot of artists that were personally invested and interested in the issues involving Haiti and had a lot of great things to say in and outside of their music.”

The money will go to the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF) after covering venue costs. Tickets were $5, and the club sold water to earn more money.

“We definitely want to have more events like this in the future,” other Students for Justice Co-President senior Karim Poonja said. “Our upcoming events may not focus specifically on Haiti but will definitely go towards a good cause.”