Students Evacuated During Fire Drill

The school held a fire drill today, September 6 during Tutorial/Advisory. All students were evacuated from their third period classes to the grass field in back of school.

A fire drill is held near the beginning of school every year as a reminder of what to do during an emergency and to teach incoming students the emergency procedures.

“There are always new students and it’s important that they know what to do in an emergency,” English teacher April Oliver said.

This year the school introduced a new “code red” alarm. Students were also reminded of what the proper procedure is for fires, code red situations (such as “violent visitors” on campus) and earthquakes.

“It was much better this year,” junior Aarthi Kodiyalam said. “It was more organized.”

“We’re continuing to fine tune things every year,” Oliver said. “This year it was much more organized from the administration.”

[graphics by Mya Ballin]