Students Attend Google Presentation

During third period today, Maggie Johnson, the Director of Education at Google, gave a presentation to students in the Eagle Theatre. Google recently donated $90,000 to the school in order for the school to develop a computer science program.

Johnson mainly focused her presentation on demonstrating different aspects of computer science. The speaker used an example of computer graphics for video games to show how computer science is applicable to students’ lives, and to motivate students to pursue related courses and careers.

“I thought it was really cool how she was able to make it relate to us with something like Skyrim, games that we all play,” sophomore Johnny Chen said. “She talked about how the trees in the game were created with such details, and brought it back to computer science.”

Johnson also discussed Google’s impact in the computing world. Other presenters who worked for Google connected through a Google+ Hangout to talk to students about why their jobs are important, and why they feel computer science is a good career option.