Students Assaulted Behind Tennis Courts

Two days last week, Monday, November 25, and Tuesday, November 26, two students were assaulted at the back of the school.

According to Officer Katie Krauss of the Los Altos Police Department (LAPD), Monday’s incident occurred around 3 p.m. A vehicle containing four to five people approached the North side of the campus by Jardin Drive, and the group physically assaulted a student in that area. The attackers fled in their car before the police arrived.

A witness, who arrived at the back of the school along Jardin Drive at around 3:15 p.m., “watched some weird behavior from two older…males standing in the middle of the street as if they were watching someone coming down Casita Way….They were watching and yelling at someone that was behind the fence on the LAHS property.” The witness saw some of the boys fighting, but they soon “ran to their white vehicle and sped away.” During the event, the witness called the school’s front office, and “just minutes later many staff members showed up in vehicles and on foot…There were many other parents in vehicles and also people on the tennis courts.”

Krauss said that the next day, around the same time, there was another assault North of the school by Casita Way and Alvarado Avenue. A group physically attacked and stole possessions from a student.

The police department has put additional presence around the area of the attacks and there are undercover detectives observing the surroundings. The school is also increasing security on campus and in the back of the school.

Krauss said that the LAPD does not yet have an identification of the suspects, and it is not known if the attackers were students. Descriptions of the attackers from both days are different, so it is unclear if the assaults were carried out by the same group.

On Monday, December 2, Principal Wynne Satterwhite made an announcement to the school expressing her concern about the events and encouraging students with any information about the incidents to come forward to a teacher, school administrator or the LAPD. People may choose to remain anonymous when submitting any information. There is currently a $1000 reward, posted by a family member of one of the victims, for information about the attackers. Students with any information are encouraged to submit information to faculty or the LAPD. The LAPD’s nonemergency anonymous witness hotline is (650) 947-2774.