Student Sustains No Serious Injury After Being Hit By SUV

A student was sent to the hospital after sustaining non-life threatening injuries today, August 31. The police said the student was struck by a SUV while attempting to cross the street at North Gordon Way this morning.

“I just heard that a SUV with a father and son hit her from the left at 25 mph to 30 mph as she was walking in the crosswalk toward LAHS near Almond Elementary School,” senior Alex Crone said.

Friends of the student visited her after being contacted about the incident.

“She’ll be pretty sore for a few days but nothing’s broken,” senior Erin Farrell said. “I’m just glad she’s okay and that we actually got to visit her in the hospital.”

After she was treated at the hospital, students were allowed to visit her until she was transferred to a larger room.

“I’d like the city to look at that and make it safer,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said to the Los Altos Town Crier. “We have students driving as well as adults.”

Police are still investigating the situation.