Student Recognition Held at Lunch

One-fourth of the school staff recognized a group of staff-selected students in the small gym Tuesday, December 4 at lunch. This was the first of four gatherings that will take place at the end of each quarter this year.

Staff members each selected one or two students whom they want to recognize and bring to the event.

“The program was intended to make students feel special,” Special Ed teacher Kathy Sulaver said. “I could nominate a student for academic achievement, athleticism or just for being a wonderful human being.”

The student recognition event was inspired by the Associated Student Body (ASB) and the Students and Staff Morale Is Lurking Everywhere (SMILE) group, which is an implementation team comprised of teachers.

“The school does lots of staff bonding activities such as after-school barbecues,” Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson said. “The idea of the event is to have fun stuff with staff and students.”

The event was created for teachers to recognize students.

“Since there is a Tireless Teacher Award and Teacher of the Month, ASB decided to have student recognition,” ASB member sophomore Angela Tang said.

At the event, staff and students ate lunch prepared by Culinary Arts and staff members took turns explaining why they chose to honor their student. There was a raffle at the end and a couple students won gift cards.

Staff and students were happy about the event.

“The program was great,” Sulaver said. “It’s important to recognize each student. Sometimes students get recognition for academic achievements and not so much for other criteria.