Student Groups Recruit Incoming Freshmen

In an effort to boost club participation, several clubs look to recruit at the local middle schools.

Instead of recruiting lightly at Egan Junior High School, as done in past years, Robotics will also recruit at Crittenden and Blach.

“For any recruiting event, we bring the robot to demonstrate,” Robotics Club President Marc Goupil said. “We allow students to operate the robot, give them the information about the club meetings, tell them how to get on the e-mail list and keep them updated until they get to the high school.”

Though the number of students recruited will likely increase with the broader variety of schools, in years past the recruitment process has not yielded high results.

“Generally speaking we get more students from the high school itself than from middle school recruitment,” Marc said.

Although few students immediately join in middle school, recruitment does spark interest in clubs that might be pursued in high school.

“I saw the Robotics team at Egan in eighth grade and I thought about going, but never looked into it,” freshman Anthony Biondi said. “I think [recruiting] lets people know that we do have a Robotics club and that it’s open to anyone.”

Anthony was motivated to look into Robotics once he came to the school, and after attending one their competitions he became a member.

The Marching Band also looks to entice many of the students currently involved with the middle school music program. The band hopes to harvest a good deal of musically-involved students.

Speech and Debate looks to recruit at the four middle schools marketing to the students who participate in the middle school version of the club, which holds debates between Blach, Crittenden, Egan and Graham.

“We tell them how great it is and basically we make it as appealing as possible,” junior Albert Chau said.