Student creates school maps

Two new campus maps are on display at the school. One map is located between the administration office and the College and Career Center, and the other is by the school band room.

The maps, which are both color-coded and three-dimensional, were created by sophomore Jamshed Vesuna.

“[Principal Wynne] Satterwhite suggested the idea as my Eagle Project for Boy Scouts,” said Jamshed, who has been participating in Boy Scouts since fifth grade.
The maps are composed of a multitude of wooden blocks, all labeled according to room numbers and arranged according to the positions of their respective classrooms. Jamshed, who began working on the project in January, planned and recorded all the measurements.

“As the leader of Boy Scout Troop 37, I oversaw the entire process,” Jamshed said. “While they cut and painted the wood, I supervised and administered the construction.”

In accordance with Satterwhite’s suggestion, Jamshed visited Mountain View High School to gain inspiration from its campus map.

“It was very two-dimensional,” he said. “I wanted something more [innovative], and that was when I considered adding this whole three-dimensional field to it.”
Many students feel that the new maps will be a useful addition to the school campus.

“I think …it will be really helpful and may help lost kids find their way around school,” freshman Michael Yen said.