Student Creates Compliments Page on Facebook

An unnamed student created a Facebook page titled “LAHS Compliments” on Sunday, December 9. The page invites students to send in anonymous compliments to other students, which the page administrator then posts on the wall of the page. These posts typically receive responses including likes, comments alerting the complemented party, and thank-you comments.

The page has 213 likes as of today, December 10 at 6 p.m. On the page’s first day of existence, the page administrator claimed in a post that if the page were to receive 200 likes, he or she would reveal his or her identity. However, this has yet to happen, despite the fact that the requirement has been met. The administrator later removed the post.

The page has gained some popularity among students.

“It’s a great, positive alternative to other sites that people go on,” an anonymous student said. “It’s so great that so many people appreciate the page too. We have had a few faculty viewers also. If you ever feel down or sad or feel like you don’t belong you can always go on LAHS Compliments and see how many warm hearted people anonymously can write about their friends or people they barely know.”

According to a different anonymous source, the page is different from what is normally found on Facebook.

“It is a great way to potentially meet other nice classmates at LAHS that you may not have known before,” this source said. “Also, it’s unusual to find a place on Facebook that can actually boost people’s self confidence. It is a great way to make someone feel valued without having to publicly put your name on it too.”