Student Crashes Car in Accident During Lunch

A car accident took place at approximately 12:05 p.m. today, November 9. Four police officers and one ambulance arrived at the scene.

The crash occurred after a student left the school parking lot and was accelerating towards San Antonio Road at the beginning of lunch. However, the car in front of the student, driven by a second student, suddenly braked, causing the first student to hit the brakes as well. Seeing that braking was not enough to stop the momentum and avoid a collision, the first student turned left, believing that the second student would not due to the fact that the car’s blinker was off. However, the second student turned simultaneously, causing the first student’s car to crash into a nearby tree.

“I first made [sure] everyone was okay and then I just teared up,” the first student said. “I just couldn’t believe what [had] happened. I felt like my life was over.”

The first student’s airbags deployed, leaving a passenger with a cut nose. Although the student had a bruised chin and an injured arm, the student turned down a trip to the hospital. No one else was hurt or taken to the hospital.